Season XIX : Join Your division

Season XIX informations and sign Up
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Season XIX : Join Your division

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Hello Coaches,

Season XIX is about to begin, find below your division assignment.

A ticket has been send to your team. Accept it ASAP and we will launch the season.

Division 1
Filadeus : End Of Mankind, Nurgle, TV 2490
Njord (1st Team) : New Ogham Chain Gang, Chaos Dwarves TV 2210
Soleil Noir : Shadow Rangers, Dark Elves TV 2150
Segosa (1st team) : Sword and Guns, Bretonians TV 2090
JRCO : Gene Simmons Bards,Vampires, TV 1980
Antituros : Strong Arm Of The Law , High Elves TV 1960
Allar57 (1st team) : Kikoup Kaas Tut, Orc, TV 1880
AI Team : TBD once every team will have joined

Division 2
Zeldorn : Chartreuses Monks, Orc TV 1870
Felryan : 911 All Stars, Undead TV 1860
Polery : Dorfs of New Ogham, Dwarves TV 1820
Hatebreed (aka JRCO), Pittsburgh Ringers Dark Elves TV 1590
Allar57 (2nd Team) : Les Courreurs de Naggaroth, Dark Elves TV 1400
JJape : Shiva Blitzers , Wood Elves TV 1380
Njord (2nd Team) : Jotnar United, Ogres TV 1150
Segosa (2nd Team) : Unidentified Flying Halfs TV 1290
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